Wednesday, September 01, 2004

B is for...

In my links list, B is for...

Barcepundit and Barcepundit in English, both the internet domains of Franco Alemán, who now also contributes to The Command Post. I've been reading him since I discovered he had a blog earlier this summer. His name (or pseudonym, which seems more likely) has always interested me: the word alemán translates from Spanish to English as German. And for anyone not familiar with the outcome of the Spanish Civil War, Francisco Franco was the nation's dictator from the end of the war until the mid 1970's. Not that the name Franco would necessarily relate to the dictator... it could be the middle Latin prefix for the word French (you'll need to scroll down).
UPDATE: Franco Alemán has sent me a nice email in which he explains that Franco refers to French and that it's most definitely a pseudonym.

Barely Tenured's Emma Jane is another academic. I discovered her around the time of the Great Discussion on Anonymity (see here). I like to see what other academics have to say about their experiences in the modern university system and their efforts to have an existence outside of it, in hopes that my academic career and attempts to not be consumed by it can benefit from their advice. Plus, her right-hand sidebar amuses me.

Because it's a good resource, I link to Bartleby. The name comes from Herman Melville's short story Bartleby, the Scrivener.

I've read The Bleat for the past year and a half because James Lileks is so funny, reading his blog is habit-forming. I first found The Bleat through InstaPundit what seems like eons ago. He's a great writer, and I have it on good authority from a friend that a book of his, The Gallery of Regrettable Food, can make her laugh so hard her stomach is sore for roughly the next several hours. The upcoming Interior Desecrations looks sure to continue that trend.

I have a book fetish. So does Jessica Crispin from Blog of a Bookslut. Books, publishing, journalism, more books, and all things related to books combined with many links. Found thanks to Umbrae Canarum.

I stumbled across Blogalization while doing a Google search. As the site says, Blogalization is an open community of bloggers who post in one or more languages about material discovered in one or more other languages: if I have languages A and B and you have languages B and C, we can share memes across barriers of mutual incomprehension. I think that is a fantastic and truly inspired idea. There are posts on languages, linguistics, cultural issues, politics, and more.

The Bonfire of the Vanities is the worst of the worst of the blogosphere. As such, it incites a great deal of laughter.

BugMeNot is by far one of the most blessed sites on the internet that's not a search engine; it allows you to avoid annoying and painful registration processes at sites that require you to log in before you can view any of their content, curse them.

Jeff Jarvis's BuzzMachine is a blog I've only read consistently for the past few months. I've been aware of BuzzMachine's existence for a long time, courtesy of Insta and Vodka pundits, among others, but it's just recently that I became a regular visitor instead of just when other bloggers I read linked to him. Much of his blogging is interesting because of the perspective he has from his experience as a long-time journalist.