Sunday, September 05, 2004


To echo professor b, on the terrorist attack in Beslan, Russia, I have nothing to say. Read what she says to get an idea of what I mean (ie, click the link).

Over at Crooked Timber, there's a really heartbreaking comment thread about the horrible terrorist incident in Beslan yesterday. You know, the school where so many children were killed.

I was thinking about it all day yesterday, and like a few of the commenters at CT, I was amazed that I saw nothing in any of the blogs I read about it. I think the commenter who said that no one is talking about it because everyone is struck dumb with horror is, of course, right. At the same time, it seems horrible, too, to say nothing about something that everyone is thinking about, which I think is why people are upset at the silence, and why people are fighting in the comments over there. One wants an explanation, one wants something to be said. At the same time, clearly, no one knows what to say.

Emphasis in bold is, as usual, mine.

I have other thoughts on this, but they're clichèd and not coherent, so I'm going to recommend you read what Hugo Schwyzer and Phil have said.