Thursday, September 02, 2004

Strange word associations

I am prone to making strange associations, with the latest such example being Isabel Allende and John Calvin. To make a long story short, I read an article about Augusto Pinochet (of whom I'm not terribly fond), which made me imagine how Isabel Allende, a novelist I've studied quite a bit, might react to hearing the news. I went on to thinking about how flawed and fallen this world is, which brought me to "Total Depravity," one of the "Five Points of Calvin," which more accurately would be titled "The Five Points of John Calvin's Followers," since they didn't come into being as we now know them until after Calvin's death. I'm not very Calvinistic theologically—although I do hold with the idea of "Total Depravity." Sorry, I have been unable to find a good, concise, and visually tolerable link on that subject that does not blatantly misrepresent Arminian theology (Arminian as in Jacobus Arminius, not as in the country of Armenia). I'll have to refer you to the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. I suggest looking in a library with a good collection of theological reference books. Unhappily, you can't search inside of it on Amazon.

Well, I recently made another strange association. For no apparent reason, I've started to mentally refer to my students as "munchkins." I have no idea why this is. I haven't watched The Wizard of Oz in years. I'm not even that fond of it. The Nanotribologist thinks this whole thing is hilarious, but agrees that under no circumstances must my students find this out about their instructor.