Monday, June 20, 2005

Interesting search engine queries that lead to my blog, Part X

Click here for part IX.

1) From Google: nomanisan "no man is"
... an island.

2) From Google: the canons of dordt, amazon

3) From Google: foxtrot mario january 2005

4) From Google: chariots of fire- eric liddle - character development
The name is properly spelled Eric Liddell. Teaching Assistant Trivia: he was one of my heroes growing up. He still is one of them now.

5) From Google: now playing itunes for web blog

6) From Google: edna past darling incredibles quotes

7) From Google: character analysis of chariots of fire
Chariots of Fire is one of our most favoritest movies, precious.

8) From Yahoo: ipod learn foreign language

9) From Google: potatoes lotr
Taters, precious? Eh?

10) From Google: strange happenings

11) From Google: quotes in Allende's"The House Of The Spirits"

12) From Google: the history os camelhair
Either that's a typo, or it's an operating system I've never heard of. Now, I'm imagining Steve Jobs contemplating code names involving dromedaries before eventually settling on the big cats as appropriate for OS X... nah.

13) From Google: mapa mundi dress

14) From Yahoo: runespoors pictures
Well, there's one in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I think that's the only place in the Harry Potter canon that mentions runespoors to date.

15) From Yahoo: great teaching assistant
I hope to be one someday.

16) From Google: veggietales fansites
The teaching assistant loves VeggieTales and is a big Bob the Tomato fan, but she is not quite as big a fan of VeggieTales as the Nanotribologist, who for all intents and purposes has erected a shrine to Larry the Cucumber.

17) From Google: san manuel bueno martir truth

18) From Yahoo: research on teaching pronouns

19) From Google: harry potter musings
Yep, they exist here in abundance.

20) From Google: "Magical Realism"+"C.S.Lewis"
In my opinion, Lewis's fiction was written too early for magical realism to be a factor. Unless one reads anachronously, that is. Honestly? I just don't think it's there.