Monday, June 13, 2005

An introduction

A theologian friend of mine, Chris, has a website. I was not aware of this fact until a few weeks ago. The URL is The "roving" part of the blog title refers to all the traveling he does, not to wanderings away from small "o" orthodoxy...

Right now, he is trying to finish the dissertation for his Ph.D. program at the University of Manchester and hopes to be done with it within the year. At his website, he's mostly written about politics (especially of late), theology (without ceasing, and that's a very good thing), vegetarianism, transatlantic commutes, and life in Manchester. A word of advice if you visit his website: there's typically a lot more hidden behind the "MORE..." links.

Three random facts about Chris:

1) He has assured me that as long as he is on earth, I cannot possibly have the worst Koine Greek pronunciation known to mankind.
2) He really likes the Harry Potter books, to the extent that he carefully thought out his mid July travel plans to prevent them from interfering with his getting to read Book 6 at the first possible opportunity.
3) He possesses a large arsenal of stories about cultural misunderstandings of a comic nature based upon his experiences in Britain. Unfortunately, not many are posted online.