Sunday, June 12, 2005

Running meme

Ana Maria tagged me with a meme invented by The Count of Monty Cristo.

Instructions: "Okay, new meme: what are your top three songs to listen to whilst running? And if you have the server space, will you post one or all of them for the rest of us to download? (If running is not your preferred method of exercise -- which more or less guarantees your intelligence -- well, songs that you would listen to are just fine.)"

"Won't get fooled again" ~ The Who
"Life's Incredible Again" ~ The soundtrack to "The Incredibles"
"Sweetest Thing (The Single Mix)" ~ U2

Running is not my preferred method of exercise. My tastes in exercising music are more than slightly different than what I listen to under most other circumstances. For one, Classical is almost completely out. I don't have clips of the songs here, sorry. You should be able to get about 30 seconds worth of a feel for them at the iTunes Music Store without buying, though!

Now, the baton goes to Phil, Devon, and Anastasia (when she gets back from Greece!) if they feel like picking it up.