Thursday, June 23, 2005

What I miss from my childhood

It's a meme, courtesy of Umbrae Canarum. You can see what Phil said by clicking here.
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Now - Five Things I Miss From My Childhood:

1) Living in a real house equipped with a dishwasher, a washing machine and dryer (I'll echo Phil on that one), and a bathtub. I'll also add "a functional oven that doesn't do weird things to baked goods" to the list, although that wasn't the case for one hundred percent of my childhood.

2) Scholastic Book Club forms, which were sent home from school every so often in elementary school. I miss them. I'd be thrilled to see one show up in my inbox at work. Well, one can dream...

3) Not having a clue that this noun existed.

4) Pillaging the local library and actually having the time to read those two or three dozen fun borrowed books from the latest trip in less than a fortnight.

5) Getting to be a flower girl in weddings. I miss it not because I'd want to be a flower girl again, but rather because one of my aunts' weddings was responsible for possibly the funniest story about my sister and me that could ever be told. We were both flower girls. The best thing was that the whole incident was captured on video, immortalizing our five-year-old and three-year-old selves (or something like that in terms of age). The younger of us, shall we say, wasn't exactly clear on what a flower girl was supposed to do while walking down the aisle or how to react when everyone in the church was staring at us. Much hilarity resulted, especially in hindsight. Incidentally, the fact that I "miss" being part of a bridal party and wearing an interesting dress has absolutely nothing to do with this memory.