Friday, July 15, 2005

Adventures in Harry Potter Cupcake Art, 2

Continued from here.

Now that the cupcakes had been coated in a layer of white frosting, I endeavored to decorate them a little bit more, and in so doing I ended up accidentally frosting part of my camera (not the lens, fortunately). I did not have much success with some frosting ideas; there's a reason I mentioned that I am not meant to decorate cakes professionally. There are many reasons, actually. For one, I tried drawing Harry on one of the cupcakes, and the result was somewhat worse than the painting of Harry, made by Dobby, that is described by Fred Weasley in Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 23: "Looks like a gibbon with two black eyes." To spare myself the humiliation, I did not photograph that one, and even if I had I wouldn't be posting it online for all to see.

The seven books... the title of the third book was too long to fit, so I decided on just writing "Azkaban."

Here is try number two at frosting a Snitch onto a cupcake. Try number one was considerably more pathetic, if you can imagine that. You might be able to spot it in the picture at the very bottom of this entry, though...

My attempt at depicting the Hogwarts grounds. The blue blob is supposed to be the lake; the yellow one is the sun.

This is one of my favorites.

Another of my favorites.

How the cupcakes turned out (if we don't count the gibbon).