Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Big Word Wednesday

This Wednesday's word is daemon. Noun. (1) "Chiefly British. Variant of demon." (2) "Variant of daimon." (3) "Computer Science. A program or process that sits idly in the background until it is invoked to perform its task."

And then, there the definition that Dictionary.com doesn't record: that which Philip Pullman created to complete the humans present in Lyra's world in His Dark Materials. I disagree with Pullman over much, most notably spiritual matters, but that is irrelevant at the moment. The daemons, above all the other breathtakingly fantastic creatures and places that so astounded me while exploring his multiple overlapping universes, still have me stunned in admiration of his creativity a good year and a quarter after I first read the three books.

This word isn't all that long, but for obvious reasons (see my All Consuming sidebar feature), I have been hearing it a lot lately.

Last week: antediluvian.