Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Build a more pleasant existence (and maybe higher end of term evals too) as a teaching assistant in the foreign languages by buying office supplies

Nope, that doesn't sound nearly as good as the title of a Dilbert book that I once bought my dad. Anyway. I'm off to contribute (in a very small way, granted) to the economic well-being of a nearby office supply store where I can get a teacher discount. No, this is not retail therapy. Retail therapy for the teaching assistant must involve books. Or DVDs. Or technological toys for the precious, who just turned two.

My shopping list for today includes 3x5 cards, grading implements, lined paper (college ruled), and printer paper. The list includes binders only if the kind I want is on sale. I'm stocking up for the fall. It's early July, so the back to school sales probably began two weeks ago...

I need a new backpack also, but I think I'll obtain it online.