Saturday, July 23, 2005

Feeling somewhat relieved

I currently have very warm feelings toward A package that they shipped to me about two weeks ago never arrived, despite the fact that their online package tracking program told me that it was already delivered. Naturally, I wanted the package. By nature, I hate having to deal with these situations. I'm a very non-confrontational person, and at times that is not such a healthy thing. At least the internet makes dealing with these situations less stressful. Anyway, a customer service representative responded to the query I submitted through the "contact us" form within two hours, telling me that said package does indeed appear to be lost and that they are sending a replacement as soon as possible. I am quite pleased, not the least because the contents of this package were ordered with funds from a gift certificate that my parents gave me, one of the books in the shipment is impossible to find locally (yeah, that one's a Spanish title), and I once had a very bad experience with an important package (not an Amazon package) getting stolen while I was an undergrad and was starting to feel some déjà vu, albeit to a lesser extent.* I was expecting to have to fill out lots of tedious forms that would make me feel like even more of an insignificant peon than being a graduate student usually does before I could get my stuff or a refund.

Amazon customer service earns points from me for not making me feel like an insignificant peon.

*The moral of that particular story was to always insure one's packages, which my mother had fortunately insisted I do on that occasion, and to never ship clothes, etc., from home to college in a box that, as evidenced by its design, formerly held an Apple LCD display, even if that was an ideal box because it was sturdy, possessed a handle, and meant that I did not have to pay anything for it, as it was sitting in my parents' storage room.

UPDATE: I officially need to stop abusing the verb "to feel" and all its derivations. I can hear Gollum's muttered rantings in the background already...