Friday, July 22, 2005

Finding an acceptable "congratulations, you're getting married" card sure isn't easy

Today, I learned how absolutely frustrating this process is. Honestly, I was not aware of this until now. It's only very recently that I've been given reasons to go out and buy wedding or engagement cards for people I know. Off I went to Target, looking for a card for two friends who are getting married in August. I had no idea I was going to have to shop by process of elimination.

A sample of my stream of consciousness as I browsed the card aisle:

Let's see, I need a card that is neither sappy nor containing some trite poem (there go most of the "Religious" ones in stock) nor expressing a message with which I vehemently disagree (especially over theological matters or how one defines love) nor something in too many shades of pastel nor overly embossed nor "from both of us" (since I'm still singular) nor obscene nor displaying one of those supposedly old but obviously not authentic photographs in sepia...

I was hoping to avoid getting one of the cloth or fake tiny jewel encrusted ones that reside within a transparent plastic jacket. Those are very cute on occasion, but they're usually not the style of cards I like to give (cards I'd be happy to receive are a different matter, funnily enough). I want to give cards that reflect my personality. Then, there's the issue that when you open one of the jacketed thingies, although this also applies to many other genres of card, you're hard pressed to figure out which leaf of paper (or flexible slab of whatever material) you're supposed to look at to find the message.

With layout, I favor buying a card with a blank or nearly blank inside and a tasteful (by my definition) cover that displays very few words. In the end, I found a card very similar to that, but not before wishing wholeheartedly for a very long time that I could just go home, design the card I knew I wanted on my computer, and print it.

The card I finally purchased: its design is pretty simple, the message is something that I would sincerely say, and there is ample space inside for writing. It isn't covered with plastic, either, although my second choice of a card was.