Saturday, July 09, 2005

Interesting search engine queries that lead to my blog, Part XI

Part X is here, if you're interested. Number three is my favorite. I'm a green ink grader.

1) From Yahoo: Samwise parody taters

2) From Google (UK): reading guide to el eterno femenino

3) From AOL: research studies over alternatives to red ink grading

4) From Google (Australia): "Jesus is my boyfriend" review

5) From Yahoo: "the bonfire of the vanities" "the name comes from"

6) From Google: "San Manuel Bueno, martir" + read a copy here

7) From Yahoo: treasure mathstorm download

8) From Google (Colombia): a beautiful mind story+critics+commments

9) From Google: "one last thing" ap

10) From Google: I never look back darling, it distracts from the now.

11) From Google (UK): horacio quiroga's short stories

12) From Google: "spanish translation" "1984" "george or

13) From Google: applescripts

14) From Google: research on destiny his dark materials

15) From Google (Ecuador): el principe mestizo download

16) From Yahoo (Hong Kong): teaching charlie and the glass elevator roald dahl

17) From Google (Argentina): pomp and circumstance spanish translation

18) From Yahoo: research done in the past on the film bend it like beckham

19) From Google (India): Undergraduate Diploma Ceremony speech 2004

20) From Google: how would the "Tousle-Headed Poet" describe himself?