Monday, July 18, 2005


I meant to post this over a week ago. Oops. Anyway, I'm not going to change the time references because I don't feel like it.

New Kid writes in praise of retail therapy: "But isn't it funny, how much getting pretty clothes that look good can boost your spirits?" Well, yesterday I purchased a nice sleeveless top from Ann Taylor and a desperately needed new pair of jeans at The Limited. I am in agreement with the lifted spirits thing.

I also got a new backpack, which I needed even more than the jeans. Getting it makes me happy because now I'm not going to have to worry about hurting my back (as I did last fall) by lugging around a shoulder bag that turned out to be way less ergonomically friendly than I'd thought (though it did look nice and black and almost everything I associated with professional when I got it) or deal with my old and decrepit JanSport, which is going to pieces and which I am not going mail in for repairs again because the zipper will inevitably start splitting again in a few months anyway.