Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Musings of a TA tells me that a paste with unique properties that is called Hylexin exists.
If you have serious dark circles-not the kind that pop up in the morning and are gone by breakfast, but the kind of serious dark circles that stay around forever, making you look older, tired, and exhausted-there's Hylexin(tm), a unique product specifically developed for serious dark circles. In clinical studies, Hylexin has been shown to help reduce hemoglobin degradation by-products by optimizing enzymatic activity, causing the red-blue pigmentation of dark circles to fade. Studies also confirm that Hylexin actually helps strengthen the capillary matrix to help stop the "leaking," so the delicate skin in the orbital eye area is protected against further damage.

I think that graduate students would be the ideal demographic for a product that purports to cure dark circles, were it not for the fact that most of us don't have $95 to spend on something that looks like a glorified tube of frosting. Well, I suppose we could spend that, but it would be nice to eat once and a while too.

If it works, however, Hylexin might make a good gift for the soon to be Ph.D. in your department who is going on the job market momentarily and wants to look as if he or she has slept within the past seven years. You could take up a collection...

Speaking of dark circles, I really should go get some sleep. I think I'll do that.