Sunday, July 17, 2005

Possible future changes to this blog

I'm thinking about making my blog invisible to search engines. I worry less about expressing my opinions and idiosyncrasies when I am not afraid that my anonymity has been compromised at school/work. I don't think it has been, and I don't think my blog could be seen as a liability even if it were connected to me, but I still worry a little bit about this. Outside the Beltway linked to an explanation of how to make one's website invisible not too long ago. I haven't yet decided if I will remove my blog from search engine view or just from search engine caches (or if I will do either), so if you have an opinion either way, send me an email. I'd like to know what regular readers think about this. My address can be found in my blogger profile.

Something that I need to find out is if making my blog invisible to all search engines will also mean that Technorati cannot get information from my site. I want Technorati (and related services) to be able to see my blog.