Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A scene from the road trip

One of my relatives, dubbed the Architect Aunt since she is (a) one of my mom's sisters and (b) a licensed architect, requested a cameo on my blog. Since I know that she actually reads this (demonstrated by the fact that last weekend, she asked me what my flatmate was up to, referring to her as "Nanotribologist") and she tells me that my blog makes her laugh, I am happy to grant the request. Naturally, this snippet of conversation is paraphrased, since I have solemnly sworn that I will not obtain a tape recorder.

Now that all your kids are in elementary school, do you get more things accomplished during the day? Or at least more sleep?

Well, I've done a little work. I drew up plans for [another relative's] backyard — those were constantly changing — and the designs for our remodel. Sleep? No. A crew has been here almost every day for the past few months working on the remodel, so I am kept sufficiently busy with that. I do, however, get to do more in terms of reclining on the sofa in the afternoon while reading People magazine, which I subsequently throw away so my children do not find it.