Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bourne books

Tengo leído The Bourne Identity. It was a good read, rather, a good listen — I borrowed an audiobook, enjoying most of it by way of the tape deck in my car. I recently discovered that audiobooks make road trips go by like nothing else, especially those road trips in which one has hundreds of dangerously monotonous highway miles to cover by oneself. Part of me wants to run to see if one copy each of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum are waiting on a shelf for me somewhere, pleading, "Buy me, Theta, buy me!" (or, alternately, "Borrow me!"). Paper books are preferable this time because they would permit me to get to the end of the story faster. However, another part of me insists that this is a very bad time of year and an even worse year in my life to develop a sudden addiction to Robert Ludlum's spy novels, which are legion.

I am sad to say it, but I see myself forced to strive to let the rational part win and console myself with the thought that Christmas break or next summer will come soon enough. Essentially, this battle comes down to the teaching assistant's Ph.D. envy versus her love of recreational reading.