Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Inheritance Hilarity

On the morning of the fourth day, when Eragon rode alongside Shrrgnien, the dwarf said, "So tell me, do men really have ten toes, as is said? For truly I have never traveled beyond our borders before."

"Of course we have ten toes!" said Eragon, astonished. He shifted in Snowfire's saddle, lifted his foot, removed his right boot and sock, and wiggled his toes under Shrrgnien's amazed eyes. "Don't you?"

Shrrgnien shook his head. "Nay, we have seven on each foot. It is how Helzvog made us. Five is too few and six is the wrong number, but seven ... seven is just right." He glanced at Eragon's foot again, then spurred his donkey ahead and began speaking animatedly to Ama and Hedin, who eventually handed him several silver coins.

I think, said Eragon as he pulled the boot back on, that I was just the source of a bet. For some reason, Saphira found that immensely amusing.

Eldest by Christopher Paolini, p. 165 (1st edition American hardback)

In case you were wondering, the use of italics indicates that Eragon is communicating silently with his dragon, Saphira.