Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The month is over

Remember when I said this?
Notice: out of consideration for those who have not finished the book or who do not have the chance to read it just yet, I will refrain from posting quotes or anything that could classify as a spoiler until one month from now. That's August 16.

Well, today is the 17th, so I gave you folks extra time. Anyway.

The point of this post is to announce that the self-imposed moratorium on discussing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has ended. I don't plan to go into my theories about the series or make predictions; that's not my niche on the internet. Other websites have that covered, and several of those are displayed in my links list.

Some my favorite book six quotes may soon show up, however, accompanied by predictable post titles, etc., but probably not all at once. I need to learn to pace myself and do things in moderations, to try to prove that Gollum has one thing wrong about she of the Ph.D. envy, if nothing else...

In the interim, I would just like to say that I love the poll that TLC currently has running about a certain Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, especially the way it is worded. Hooray for alliteration! If Harry Potter readers are wondering as to my opinion on that crucial question, let it be made known that I am oscillating between Savage slaughterer and Sneaky superspy, having cast my vote for the former. If Sadistic sneak were a possibility, that would trump all. Also, let's just say that Sinless seraphim sent me into spasms of laughter. Great poll, Leaky Cauldron. You guys rule. Sadly, I can't find a permalink... in the current layout, look for the heading "Leaky Vote" in the right sidebar to find the latest poll.