Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"S-piders! Spiders want me to tapdance... I don't want to tapdance..."

Which movie was that from? The quote is relevant. If you remember that movie (hint hint), conjure up an image of the scene in question. Now, picture me as distraught as Ron as you continue reading.

Today (well, technically, yesterday) was a terrible, awful, horrible, very bad day for yours truly, who might as well just go and change her online pseudonym to R.A.B., for Really Arachnophobic Blogger. So horrible I almost put this whole post in all caps and italics. Days like this one, I consider praying that God would smite all creatures that even remotely resemble most abhorrent Ungoliant and banish their charred carcasses to the the abyss...

I am not sleeping well. Hence, this 1:30 am post.