Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This one's for my brothers

If presented with the phrase "Children of the Chipotle" and told to say the first thing that came to their minds, I am quite sure that my parents would come up with the names of their two youngest children.

Anyway, for your reading pleasure, here's Brian Tiemann (the Peeve Farm guy) talking Children of the Chipotle. This is just an excerpt, so click on over for more.
One of my favorite restaurants is Chipotle, the burrito place that moved into what was once a Boston Market a few blocks from work. I just love their food. The burritos are big and tasty, the salsa is fresh, the cheese—oh, the cheese—is just to die for, and when you're done eating a steak or barbacoa burrito you've got a serious burn of spice-related well-being going on. They use lime and cilantro in their rice. They make great chips with large-grain salt and a drizzle of lime juice. Their soft-drink cups are covered with soul-baring, self-effacing essays musing on the zen of Chipotle, on all the aspects of the dining experience from the role of cumin and cilantro to the eclectic music selection to the cruciality of having the kitchen open for all to see to even a pronunciation guide for the restaurant's name. Their menu is small—just a few major choices with a few posted variations—but there's a purity to it, like at In-N-Out, that makes you feel like you're part of some kind of cultural phenomenon: Children of the Chipotle. I swear, if I had to pick a single place to eat every day for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Both my little brothers love Chipotle. I don't quite match their level of enthusiasm (it includes desiring "Burrito Love" gift cards for Christmas, and my priorities lean towards Amazon.com), but I agree that the "serious burn of spice-related well-being" that follows the consumption of their tacos is indeed something special.