Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Since it's October

I'm thinking I might dress up for Halloween, mostly to amuse my class (and colleagues). Fictional characters are sounding appealing, but (a) there is a lack of disposable income, (b) with the characters I'd most like to be I'm not sure that anyone I know would actually be able to figure out who I was without the aid of a nametag and a lot of tedious explanation, and (c) I'm not going out on Halloween night anyway.

If I were part of a handbell choir right now, I'd probably borrow me some bells and go as Sabriel.* I love the character Sabriel (and Lirael is just as good). Granted, I'd also need a wig, a sword, a tunic, something to hold the bells in place, ... so scratch that idea even if I found some bells.

*You're not going to understand if you have not read one or more of Garth Nix's Abhorsen novels.