Friday, October 28, 2005

Why we need a fall break

A variation off something spotted at A Small Fish in a Big Pond. Normally, Gollum syntax appears in slanted font at this blog. However, that'd mean sticking this entire whole thing in italicsses, and as the nasty thieving teaching assistant probably won't interrupt anywhere, Gollum and Sméagol don't think there's need to use italicsses. We don't think she'll be in the way for a few days either... we've seen the piles and piles of bookses covering her desk.

Why our institution of higher learning should give us a fall break, precious, now...

1) We are going out of our mind with stresses.
2) Any further out, the mind's going to run away like our birthday present — the ring — abandoned us for the Shire hobbit Baggins.
3) Time for laundry. Sméagol is due to run out of clean fall and winterable clothses in a few days. Trust us, precious, when we say this would be bad.
4) A chance to retain control of the blog (as in, more postings more often).
5) Right now, Sméagol would consider being captured and tortured by malevolent Mordor orcses a fair trade for not having to deal with papers and lessonplannings. Scratch that being fair — we'd call it coming off the better end of the bargain.
6) We knows you know that we fears the yellow face* — long an enemy — and that the company of the paler night face is typically more favorable... but it's been so long since we've spent more time out of doors than it takes to walk betwixt buildings that we've sort of forgotten what the yellow face looks like.
7) More time to spend asleep. What does it feel like for a hobbit** to wake up rested? Please remind us.
8) Sméagol doesn't want to grade the munchkins' assignments! (Sméagol just wants to have fun, and fun doesn't involve spilling ink from colored pens onto parchment, be the parchment lined or unlined.)
9) WE WANTS THE CHANCE TO EAT A DECENT SECOND BREAKFAST! And — GOLLUM — a decent first breakfast! And eleventies, dinner, supper, and tea...
10) We'd like to see some mountains. They're so far off in the distance we almost forgot they exist. Can we not at least get a preview?

*That'd be the sun, precious. The sun.
**Oh, all right, something closely related to a hobbit. Technically, a Stoor.