Monday, October 31, 2005

Curse you, PowerPoint

Microsoft Office despises me. The feeling is mutual. This isn't exactly a new development, especially considering what I was moved to quote in August and all the pain the filthy scum caused me in May, just hours before a research paper was due. Well, and obviously I was born into the Cult of Mac, so it's not like I ever put Office up on a pedestal it could fall from. I need Office so I can run EndNote; that is the only reason I have not ditched this abomination of desolation (I mean...) for something else.

Good thing I had the sense to assume the worst would probably happen tonight and keep clicking "save" several times a minute. Otherwise, it'd be an hour or two less sleep, and I'm only going to get six. Unless my alarm fails to go off like it did this morning.

Hey, as Ph.D. reminds us, it's not paranoia if you're always right.

Speaking of which, it's high time I cloned a backup copy of my hard drive. Hmm. Friday, perchance?