Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy birthday, Christopher!

As Shur'tugal helpfully reminds me, today is the birthday of Christopher Paolini, celebrated author of Eragon and Eldest. The man is turning 22. Scary thought of the day: he has written two bestsellers, and he's younger than me.

Why am I suddenly getting this feeling that I've accomplished nothing with my life? Well, other than earning a Bachelor of Arts degree... but let's keep in mind my severe case of Ph.D. envy and my being surrounded by accomplished academics, shall we? The B.A. feels like it belongs in the "nothing" category (even though Christopher doesn't even have one!).

I am going to console myself with the fact that at least two people who have played kids in the Harry Potter films are older than me. However, one of those kids is the ghost Moaning Myrtle. It's not hard for a grad student to be younger than her.

(And now I'm going to start getting emails from a few grad students who both know me in real life and read my blog, insinuating that I really have no reason to complain about feeling old and should cease posting on this subject, or else they will hurt me. But honestly, this is a scary thought.)