Saturday, December 31, 2005

Books progress

I have read seven books in eight days now. Well, eight in eight if we want to count each of those two really really short Novelas Ejemplares. The eighth/ninth book I'm starting, depending on how one counts (I really should say it's the eighth), is the autobiography of Santa Teresa de Jesús.

I'm only reading for "academic purposes" on six days of the week, however, and today is my day off. At last! I can finally pay attention to that nagging WE NEEDS A HARRY POTTER AND/OR INHERITANCE BOOKS FIX, MY PRECIOUS, MY LOVE, AND THE SOONER WE GETS IT THE BETTER feeling I've had since well before finals week started. I think I'll go read Harry, book one, in English... for about the eighth time. I would reread Eragon or Eldest, but my copies are in a different state. I left them there on purpose. Much as I wanted to put them in my suitcase, I knew that if I brought them, the temptation would be too great and then I'd get three or four fewer Spanish books read than was desireable.