Sunday, January 01, 2006

How I spent my New Year's Day

I went to an 8 am church service.* Upon returning from church, I read part of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I cooked. Between shuffling various items on and off the stove and in and out of the oven and cleaning out the pipes under the sink after I accidentally clogged my parents' garbage disposal with potato peelings, I paid attention to a few NFL games whose outcomes were relevant to the playoffs. I cooked some more. Relatives arrived! The eleven of us had dinner. After dinner, I chatted with my parents and an aunt and an uncle from out of town before finishing my book and deciding that maybe I'd blog tonight.

What I was cooking was a first for me: my first ever turkey dinner. It was a lot of fun, which isn't all that surprising, and less work than I expected. The menu: turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, stuffing, basil carrots, string beans with almond slivers, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie. I still don't know how one is supposed to carve the turkey, though!

I am feeling quite secure about my culinary competence. The dinner went very well. This is mostly good. Mostly, because after tonight, I don't think that certain relatives are going to excuse me from kitchen responsibilities on account of my status as a stressed, sleep-deprived graduate student who traversed several states in order to spend the holiday with family on the fourth Thursday of next November (usually, that status grants me permission to nap somewhere quiet or relax on the couch, merrily watching football, while most of the cooking takes place).

*Clearly, my New Year's Eve experience was rather uneventful. Then again, anything else would be extremely abnormal, and I like things this way. I've never particularly cared about seeing some shiny, lit up ball drop or waiting up for fireworks. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been to a party on the last night of the year either...