Friday, January 27, 2006

Yet another exhausting week

What did I do today, which is Friday, between classes? I finished preparing for another class, read, spontaneously decided to go on a lunch date*, and went back to reading. What did I do when classes were over and I got home? I read some more. I read all evening long, in fact. I'm still only 3/4 of the way through this leviathan of a novel**, and there's so much more I must do! Overwhelmed would be a good adjective to describe my current state of mind.

There's a lot I would have given to be able to just come home and watch Serenity on DVD with the Joss Whedon commentary this Friday night. But no, we needs to read, we needs to be "self-disciplined" and get through this massive, pestilential list of readings, because, my preciousss, my love, Gollum covets a Ph.D. Many years containing many less-than-fun week and weekend days and nightses spent in stressssful grad school thralldom is part of the price we must pay to get one... Please, let this all be worth it!

To think, I'm tired, stressed, and more cynical about academic existence than usual. We're still in January. Oh, dear.

*A Spanish-language book was my date. We ordered an entree that had a lot of peanut sauce in it. Yum. That would be the best part of my day right there, the peanut sauce...
**Granted, if compared with the length of Don Quixote, this leviathan isn't too large.