Saturday, February 04, 2006

I hate it when this happens

If you're multilingual or have taken foreign language classes, you can probably sympathize.

Not too long ago, I found it necessary to look up the Spanish equivalent of the verb to sustain in my Spanish-English English-Spanish dictionary. I couldn't remember how to say it, and that was seriously bothering me. I was flipping through the pages of the dictionary and got to where it should be listed, but sustain was nowhere to be found. I stared at the page for a while, puzzled at the verb's absence. Then the following thought hit me, as happens more often than not when I'm looking something in this sort of reference book: You idiot! You're looking for an English word in the Spanish section!

I hate it when this happens. I may be in graduate school, but it takes two tries for me to figure out which half of the dictionary I should be using.