Thursday, March 23, 2006

Esta semana

Apologies for being this dull and posting so infrequently of late.

Random bullets of things accomplished so far this week

*Grading. A fair bit of grading. Then again, the only time I get to stop grading is the time between when one term ends and another begins.
*Reading for class. It's still mostly articles, but this week I've also been working my way through a novel by José Donoso.
*Lesson plans. I need to get the munchkins ready for their next test. I'm worried that we haven't had enough time in class to adequately prepare for it, which means that the use of class time needs to be very very efficient in our next few days together and that maybe I should hold extra office hours during that time. I'm going to feel terrible if my students don't do well on that exam for preventable reasons. Now, if only I can get through all the reviewing and repetition without making the pace of the class feel rushed or causing my students to feel completely overwhelmed...
*I thoroughly cleaned my kitchen! It took me three and a half hours, and then I felt sore for the next day and a half, but it's nice and clean - and I'm happy.
*Taking a few of what I consider well-earned breaks from schoolwork, I watched a new episode of 24 on Monday and one of LOST on Wednesday. I could be wrong on this, but I think that may be the only episode of 24 I've seen when nobody actually died. (Granted, I haven't seen the first four seasons — some friends have gotten me to watch the current (fifth) season with them, and since Alias has been on hiatus, I needed another built-in study break, preferably one with a lot of action!)
*In other study break news, I was quite pleased to see a few new editorials at MuggleNet, especially a new Underground Lake.