Thursday, March 30, 2006

TA life

Today has been rather productive. I did assorted teaching things, I updated my electronic gradebook (saving it in multiple places, because I have many reasons to be paranoid about the Mac-hating grading software that I have been ordered to use deciding to sin against me and cause all my updates disappear), and I started and finished a short story collection. I also talked to my mom on the phone, and that's always fun.

I'm pleased with how much I've gotten done so far today, but regrettably it's not enough. Now, I should go grade essays, and that is going to mean three to four hours of painful, trying drudgery. It's not that I expect the essays to be bad — on the contrary, my students have handed in pretty good work this semester for the most part, and their writing continually improves — it's just that process of editing, writing comments, and grading compositions is tedious and repeatedly causes my writing hand to experience something akin to premature rigor mortis. However, I need to grade the things so that I can hand them back to my students promptly and be able to focus on grad school schoolwork without distractions this weekend.

Okay, I WILL go grade these things, starting in half an hour...