Monday, April 10, 2006

Analogies are fun

A few minutes ago, Cliopatriarch Ralph Luker made an analogy related to blogging that caused me to grin widely, and I thought I'd mention it.

... the New York Times has hired [literary critic and Milton scholar] Stanley Fish as a blogger. That's unlikely enough, but they put him behind the TimesSelect wall, so you couldn't link to his blog even if you wanted. Moreover, Fish quotes a specific blogger by name and, ta da, he doesn't even link to him! It's a bit like using brother Gutenberg's printing press as a surface on which the monks copy out another manuscript.

Speaking of analogies, doubtless this will make me sound like a very sick sort of person, but I think my favorite part of the GRE was the analogy section. (Granted, that's a relative term: we're talking standardized tests here, so by "favorite" I mean "it caused me less pain than anything else.")

While we're on the subject of the GRE, one nice thing about applying to study literature in languages other than English in graduate school is that they just don't make GRE subject tests in those areas. A second nice thing is that you're sure not expected to have taken the subject test over English literature! (It wasn't a requirement anywhere I applied, anyway.)