Thursday, April 27, 2006

Noted while reading

I've been reading a lot of books by Isabel Allende for class recently, but if you were paying attention to the All Consuming feature in the sidebar, you were already aware of that. Anyway, while reading Cuentos de Eva Luna (English title Stories of Eva Luna), I was very surprised by a major inconsistency between it and Eva Luna, the novel that preceeded the story collection. Eva Luna, the narrator/protagonist of the novel and the narrator (and sometimes a secondary character) of the short stories, displays on multiple occasions in the novel her pride in the fact that very few of the stories she tells have a happy ending (in addition, that's why so many other characters say they love them). The stories in Cuentos de Eva Luna must be a truly unrepresentative sampling of her tales, then, for almost all have a happy (or mostly happy) ending.