Monday, April 24, 2006

Odds and ends

I'm in the midst of working on a research paper. Ergo, not much activity here these last few days. This trend may continue for a while, or it may not. Who knows?

While I'm excited that the end of the semester is close at hand, I'm a little scared because there's so much I feel that I still need to accomplish with my students. I wish we had more time to review! I also wish we could take a couple of class days and watch another Spanish-language film, but unfortunately that's just not possible with the time we have left. I want the munchkins to perform well on the final exam just as much as they do... which means I forsee a lot of emphasis on verb tenses, verb moods, and spelling in our very near future.

Today as I was walking around campus, I tripped and fell. Happily, no one I knew was around to laugh at my clumsiness. When I fell, I did something to my ankle, which hurts every time it is moved and has started to swell a bit. I can still walk all right, but it's painful. I'm not sure it hurts enough or is swollen enough to merit trying to get an appointment with the doctor... I'll reassess that matter tomorrow morning.