Thursday, May 25, 2006


Like I said I would, I visited some of my favorite used bookstores very recently. I ended up getting a grand total of two books, but I had a lot of fun browsing. Browsing is a good part of the fun of shopping for books and going to the library, anyway, from my point of view. I never know what I'll discover, decide looks interesting enough to check out or buy, then fall in love with by the end of its second page, and want to reread for years and years to come.

The highlight of that trip was acquiring an anthology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's writings for fifty cents.

I was looking primarily for science fiction paperbacks (especially those by Orson Scott Card and John Scalzi) the other day, but none of the stores had what I was looking for in stock. That was a shame.

However, I have another book shopping trip coming in the near future. There's this wonderful thing called the Borders' Rewards Card. It gives me cupons, a discount at Borders, and the occasional "personal shopping day" wherein I get 10% greater of a discount than usual. I have a personal shopping day to redeem soon, and I predict it will bring me great joy through science fiction.