Monday, May 01, 2006

Procrastination meme

As seen at New Kid on the Hallway, The Little Professor, and various other academic blogs. Obviously, we're all nearing the end of a school term (although for some the light at the end of the tunnel is considerably brighter than for others...).

I am ready for summer vacation.
I want to fall in love, get married, have children, and live close to my parents someday.
I wish I had a Ph.D. already!
I hate it when I can't seem to make myself understood.
I love Jesus.
I miss my family.
I fear that I will get a migraine during finals week.
I hear the Serenity soundtrack playing in iTunes.
I wonder when the seventh and final Harry Potter book will be published!
I regret having that cup of coffee last night when I went out to dinner with two of my math TA friends.
I am not usually able to function well when really deprived of sleep.
I dance rarely. I've never really acquired dancing skills.
I sing when I'm at church, when I'm at IV, when I make my students do a song activity in class, and sometimes when I'm in the car.
I cry a whole lot more often than I did before I started grad school, but mostly when no one else is around.
I am not always thinking about Harry Potter, even though it may seem like it to some people I know...
I make with my hands really good oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
I write more in Spanish than I do in my native language. This has been true for several years.
I confuse the pronunciation of French dipthongs.
I need to memorize more scripture.
I should start doing Pilates.
I start laughing every time I think about my favorite scene from Firefly (it's found in the episode "Trash" immediately following the opening credits).
I finish books soon after I start reading them, with few exceptions.
I tag anyone who wants to take a 20 minute long study break with this meme.