Thursday, June 01, 2006

A new literary obsession

Last night, I finished reading the most recent of Orson Scott Card's novels having to do with Ender Wiggin and his friends, Shadow of the Giant. I've read six of these eight books for the first time during the last two weeks (I read the other two earlier). I can't put into words how much I adore these books. If I knew what it is like to fall in love, I'd probably draw an analogy between romantic love and this reading experience. My favorites are Ender's Game and all the books with the word Shadow in the title.

This series of Card's is the best science fiction I have ever read. I hope that there will be several more books in this series and that they will be published soon. Today over lunch, I had a long, very animated discussion with my Roving Theologian friend about the series. He's also a big fan of it, I discovered.

Here is the list of Ender and Shadow novels so far, in order of publication (information taken from the Wikipedia page for Orson Scott Card):

Ender's Game (1985)
Speaker for the Dead (1986)
Xenocide (1991)
Children of the Mind (1996)
Ender's Shadow (1999)
Shadow of the Hegemon (2001)
Shadow Puppets (2002)
Shadow of the Giant (2005)

Additionally, there is a related collection of short stories, First Meetings in Ender's Universe. I don't have the book yet. Hopefully I will get to read it soon!