Sunday, June 11, 2006

That new Pixar picture

Some friends, one of my brothers, and I went to the movies yesterday to see the new Pixar film, Cars. I expected it to be decent at the very least, but I didn't expect that I would love it or that I would laugh so much during it. I loved it. The writing was good, the characters were wonderfully designed, and the animation was excellent. Plus, it was hilariously good fun. I enjoyed Cars almost as much as I did The Incredibles, which is my favorite Pixar movie, and I liked it more than Finding Nemo.

I'm going to need to see this one again.

The animated short that plays before the feature is superb. It's called One Man Band. I really enjoy the shorts that Pixar places before their movies in the theater. I wish that other moviemakers would show shorts before features more often.

If you go to see this movie — and I recommend it very much — make sure you don't leave until the credits are 100% finished. You won't be sorry for sticking around!

UPDATE: The Elfin Ethicist saw the movie, and his take on it is much different than mine.