Thursday, July 06, 2006

Harry Potter Henri le Potier Happiness

Yet another reason for me to love G. Chaucer and his fair guestblogger, Katherine de Swineford: Henri le Potier. I'm well aware that I've been quoting and linking Chaucer's blog incessantly these days, but reading it is far too much fun for me not to want to quote them.

Henri le Potier
On thyse day, as I coked sop for Joane to eten (she groweth teth, so I maye nat haven hir be nursed muchel mower) I was thinkynge of my poetrye and historie of Vin Diesel, and at ones I was striken by a newe idee, formed in ful within myn heed:

Ther shal be a child, cleped Henri le Potier. He is the child of wicches, who aren deed, and he hath home wyth his yvele oncle and aunte. He then recyves worde forto scoleye so he maye lernen the wayes of wicches. The maistre of the studie is clepen Bourdon Dorre-bee, and there be a man who techeth, loothed by al heighted Snappe; There be two childeren, Hermesie who hath muchel wit, so myche that she is to be taughten with the menn, and a melancholic felawe named Rinaldo delle Donole. Henri le Potier cwelleth hem al for being wicches, and then atte fin he becometh a prest.

Hit shal be a serien, in VIII parties, and hit shal be named -- The Babesittres Club.

I find the above descriptions of Harry's two best friends hilarious beyond measure.