Sunday, July 30, 2006

Interesting things to read about college

"Redrawing the College Map," a New York Times article by Jennifer Steinhauer, is quite intriguing. It discusses, among other things, the states that have the most and the least college students and how those numbers are expected to change over the next several years. The article is accompanied by pretty visual aids. There's much more to read here on that and other subjects having to do with colleges and college life as well.

Item of interest for some readers of this blog: Colorado College is one of several schools highlighted as a hidden gem in "Off the Beaten Path". (CC is discussed on the third page of that article.) The NYT has this to say about CC:

Undergraduates: 1,977

Acceptance rate: 38 percent

Students get through Colorado College a course at a time — literally. One course is taken for three and a half weeks, followed by a four-day break, and then it’s on to the next. But the anthropology classroom may well be nearby Anasazi ruins, the geology classroom the Grand Canyon. The college takes advantage of its stunning Rocky Mountain setting, with day and weeklong field trips. To build community, students, most of whom come from outside Colorado, are required to live on campus for the first three years. Perhaps inspired by the college president, Richard F. Celeste, a former Peace Corps director, 20 alumni are currently serving in the corps. Famous graduates include the vice president’s wife, Lynne Cheney, and their daughters, Elizabeth and Mary.

Of interest to some of those same readers and a few more of you: The Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) is building and running some new dorms at a few big state universities. I think this is a great idea.

I found these NYT articles over at InstaPundit.