Saturday, August 05, 2006

Reading for pleasure: Alex Rider

I love stories involving espionage. There is something about the conventions unique to the genre of spy stories (be they told as movies, television, books, whatever) that attracts me to them like a magnet. So when I stumbled upon some great recreational reading material of this nature, I knew I was going to blog about it. The reading material of which I speak is the Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz. I just finished the first three books (Stormbreaker, Point Blank, and Skeleton Key, respectively) and now find myself desperately trying to get the remaining volumes from the library so I can find out what happens next. They are wonderful to read, and once I start one I really don't want to put it down.

Here is my advertisement for the series:

Alex is a reluctant 14-year-old British spy who keeps trying to quit life as a secret agent. However, he is constantly drawn back into the field on dangerous missions, typically against his will, by his rather unsympathetic boss at MI6. Suspenseful adventures ensue, and as in any self-respecting espionage narrative, interesting, unusual gadgets do appear from time to time. The gadgets (and their creators) are one of my most favorite conventions from the spy genre, by the way.

As you might have guessed, these books are geared towards readers who are a good decade or more younger than me. What does that matter? They're very entertaining reads, and Anthony Horowitz is a skillful writer who, at least from my perspective as a reader, seems to really enjoy storytelling.