Saturday, September 23, 2006

Around my new apartment

I really like my new apartment, but we've had some problems with a moth invasion recently. These moths, regrettably, are of the sort that are very, very small, try to get into pretty much anything edible that is not sealed in an air-tight container in our kitchen cabinets, and have quite the work ethic. When we discovered this around three weeks ago, my roommates and I immediately had to throw out the better part of the ingredients we use for baking. Goodbye, brown sugar. Farewell, coconut. No one was exactly pleased with this development — except for the grocery store where we shop.

As a result, for the last several weeks all our food that either does not naturally come in a sealed container or is not stored in the refrigerator has been living in sealed gallon-size freezer bags. The exterminators have come by a few times to treat our cabinets and other problem spots, so the food whose domain was previously the cabinets has had to relocate.

The nearest place to the kitchen cabinets where the food can go is my theology bookshelf.

My roommates and I are amused by this arrangement, which features, among five shelves' worth of other unusual pairings, Thomas Á Kempis's The Imitation of Christ getting intimate with no-stick cooking spray and a canister of flour. Then, there's the dozen or so books by C.S. Lewis juxtaposed with taco shells incased in clear plastic moth-proof protective armor. And Jaroslav Pelikan really likes his chow mein noodles...