Saturday, September 30, 2006

Grading = a literally painful experience

I graded assorted tests and homework assignments belonging to the munchkins from my intermediate Spanish class for a very long time this afternoon. This was a stupid thing to do, because the end effect of said grading party is that I feel as if someone took a hammer to my right hand and smashed the middle three metacarpals and then went about severing the tendons in that general area with an exacto knife. For once, I do not exaggerate. I seriously cannot use all the fingers on my right hand to type right now, at least, I can't without a world of hurt flowing through my metacarpals and phalanges. I can only use one finger from that hand and avoid pain (all is well with the left, obviously — otherwise you wouldn't be hearing any of this from me for a while).

Note to self: henceforth, I shall pace myself and not to engage in five consecutive hours of grading ever again if I can at all avoid it. Especially not after taking notes on poetry for a couple hours prior to grading, as was the case today. I feel, to borrow a phrase from our friend Napoleon, like a freakin' idiot.

Maybe if I go soak my hand in warm H2O things will improve.