Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Long overdue trailers for movies I want to see

FINALLY: an official preview of Eragon, a movie based on the book by the same name by Christopher Paolini, is going public. The Inheritance Trilogy and Christopher Paolini fansite Shur'tugal* made known the happy news:
Fox has just confirmed exclusively to Shur'tugal that the Eragon Movie Trailer will release at 6am PST (9am EST) on Friday, September 15th, online on AOL Movie Trailers. AOL movie trailers allows for free viewing of the trailer for all visitors. This is the same day that it will release on Gridiron Gang in theatres. Again, this is the theatrical trailer, not a teaser trailer. It is likely that the trailer will release on Apple/QuickTime Movie Trailers next week.

As soon as the trailer has been released on AOL, Shur'tugal will update you with a link. Check back for updates!

Eragon will be in theaters starting December 15. If you're suffering Harry Potter and/or Tolkien and/or Narnia withdrawal, I think you should especially consider seeing it. Official website here.

Also, while we're on the subject of cinematic adaptations of books with which I'm obsessed, I finally found a teaser for the U.S. release of the movie based on Anthony Horowitz's Stormbreaker, the first Alex Rider book. Online, I had previously located trailers that were shown in the U.K. (where the movie came out months ago — lucky Brits), but the film was retitled for American audiences. (Why?? There was nothing wrong with the original title!) Anyway, we finally get to see it October 6. Click the link to see the Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker trailer at YouTube. It contains a fun Harry Potter reference, which I (obviously) appreciate. Official website here.

*Shur'tugal means dragon rider in one of Paolini's invented languages.

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