Saturday, September 02, 2006

Me encantan los libros

Today, Saturday, is a beautiful day. My colonialist self is filled with joy. Why?

1) Historia de la literatura hispanoamericana by Jean Franco. I believe that should be this book, only in Spanish. The publisher is Ariel. Condition: gently used. Acquired for 25 cents at a book sale.

2) Discursos narrativos de la conquista: mitificación y emergencia by Beatriz Pastor. Condition: like new, save for a few pages underlined in pencil. Purchased for 75 cents at the same venue.

In case you are having trouble comprehending these feelings of ecstasy caused by two books, I will explain: where I happen to live, trying to purchase important works of literary theory and history in Spanish that I desire for scholastic purposes both cheaply and without exorbitant shipping costs tends to be, if not impossible, extremely difficult.