Monday, October 02, 2006


Tuesday the third, I call this entry mistake.
Cheap imitation, my life feels like a fake.
A people person, some days people annoy me.
I'm growing edgy.
Wednesday's title — avoid me.

— The Newsboys, "Breathe."

"Breathe" is the third track of the album "Take Me to Your Leader," my favorite CD while I was in junior high and high school. I had a cool advertisement for the CD that I found in a magazine* pasted in my locker at school for a long time. Incidentally, TMTYL is still one of my favorite CDs. I've been wanting to quote that song here for a long time, but it's date sensitive so I've had to wait! Plus, last time there was a Tuesday the third, I forgot about it.

By the way, the song is in no way representative of my current mood. Actually, given all the craziness at school this fall, I'm feeling surprisingly chipper. That is, I feel that way as long as I get enough sleep and don't have to spend too much time on any given day working with (and getting stressed out by) that accursed, buggy piece of software, PowerPoint.

*That magazine was one aimed at teenage Christian girls. If you grew up in the U.S.'s conservative Christian subculture around the time that I did, you probably won't need three (or even two) guesses to identify the magazine in question.