Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stream-of-consciousness, a story, and some gollum syntax

It's fun to be alliterative.

Here's an excerpt from my stream-of-consciousness late, late last Saturday night:

What is wrong with me that I spend hours upon hours grading, yet cannot get through with grading my students' little essays? I think what is wrong is that I am spending too much time providing detailed feedback to each one about their writing style... and another thing that is not right with the world is the irritatingly large number of noun/adjective, article/noun, and subject/verb agreement errors that the munchkins are committing. Hence, more feedback required. Hence, seven hours of grading and scribbling comments later and we're still not finished, precious. Curse the agreement errors. We hates them, hates them all. The errors steal our time away, bring us stress, and Gollum doesn't like stresses, no. Most assuredly not.

This time, however, I paced myself with the grading. The seven hours weren't consecutive. Unlike last weekend at this time, my right hand is fully operational and does not need to be soaked in a bowl of warm water.

I think whiteout fumes are getting to me.

I haven't had any time to do grad student schoolwork this weekend. Teaching responsibilities monopolize my time (yet again). Great.

An anecdote from earlier last Saturday night:

Around 11 pm, I walked down to the vending machine to obtain some liquid help with staying awake. On my return trip up the stairs, it felt like something had transported me into the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A trio of very pale goths glided past me, and the words "sires" and "vampire" were prominent in their conversation. I was forcibly reminded of the episode "Lie to me" from Buffy's second season. That episode featured a group of wannabe-vamps with bad taste in clothes and an erroneous, romanticized idea of vampires' lives after death. I half expected the Slayer to come running down the stairs past me...

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