Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wizard Rock

The Remus Lupins is Alex Carpenter's very fun indie wizard rock band. I've been listening to The Remus Lupins' debut album, "Spells From a Broken Wand," quite a bit this past week (in the few moments when I haven't been studying or grading papers, that is). My favorite song is "Loosen your tie." "Snape" and "Looking for trouble" are tied for a close second, though. I consider "Looking for trouble" essentially an ode to book seven, the book that is yet to come (may it come quickly). "Remember Cedric" is an excellent song as well. Then, there's "Room of Requirement," which is hilarious — it's sung partly from the perspective of Professor Trelawney. If you're not a serious Harry Potter fan, I doubt you'll understand any of what Alex is singing about or why wizard rock would appeal to me, and until you read the books (and you should), I doubt it's worth your while to try to understand wizard rock. But once you do read the books, give The Remus Lupins a look. Anyway, their main message is...


Interested parties can listen to four of the best songs from the aforementioned album, including my favorite, at The Remus Lupins' official website. You can also see the CD's great cover art there (look to the right). Really interested parties can buy the CD through their website as well. As far as I know, the CD is only available online.

"Every day I go out/It's a little bit colder/Need to wear my awesome scarf..."

Well, this has been a nice study break. Now, back to the salt mines of graduate student work.