Saturday, November 18, 2006

The TA Returns

As of today, the academic insanity is over, and I am pleased to announce that I am still among the living. Hooray!

Every day I go out
It's a little bit colder
Need to wear my awesome scarf
I've got my permission slip
To get wet in the snow

Play hard play while you can
Before we're sentenced
To double potions class
Go ahead and let it out
You deserve a release

We're going to Hogsmeade! (going to Hogsmeade!)
Gonna have some fun toni-i-ight

The Remus Lupins' song "Loosen your tie" sums up rather nicely how I feel this afternoon. (I love that song.) After the last couple weeks, to say nothing of the last several months, I think I deserve a release, and I am definitely going to have some fun tonight. Hello, normal life (at least, hello to the closest thing a full-time grad student has to a normal life). Hello, social life. My, I've missed you. Tonight's going to be fun and I really want to enjoy it — especially because it's back to grading papers and teaching as usual on Monday...

To listen to the song quoted above, click on over to The Remus Lupins' official website and click on "Loosen your tie" in the "Standalone player."

For those of you who still need to read the Harry Potter books, this is Hogsmeade.

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